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Connect to a Database

1. Get a Database Adapter

To connect to a SQL or NoSQL database, you first need to get an adapter. To download it, use go get with the database type you require (postgresql, mysql, sqlite, ql, mssql, or mongo):

go get -u upper.io/db.v3/postgresql

2. Configure a Database Connection

Set the ConnectionURL using your credentials:

import "upper.io/db.v3/postgresql"

var settings = postgresql.ConnectionURL{
  Database: `booktown`,
  Host:     `demo.upper.io`,
  User:     `demouser`,
  Password: `demop4ss`,

Note that the ConnectionURL (which satisfies the db.ConnectionURL interface) varies from one database type to another. The connection properties required by each adapter are explained in detail here.

3. Attempt to Establish a Connection

Use the Open function including the db.ConnectionURL value we defined in the previous step:

sess, err := postgresql.Open(settings)

4. Set the Connection to Close

Set the database connection to close automatically after completing all tasks. Use Close and defer:

defer sess.Close()
  • 2/16