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How to connect to a database

On this tutorial you’ll learn how to get an adapter and connect to a database.

Get a database adapter

You can download a database adapter with go get:

go get -u upper.io/db.v3/postgresql

Besides postgresql, upper-db supports mysql, sqlite, ql, mssql and mongo adapters.

Configure a database connection

Configure the adapter’s ConnectionURL using your credentials.

var settings = postgresql.ConnectionURL{
	Database: `booktown`,
	Host:     `demo.upper.io`,
	User:     `demouser`,
	Password: `demop4ss`,

Not all databases require the same information to connect to or open a database, this is why all adapters provide their own ConnectionURL type (which satisfies the db.ConnectionURL interface). You can see a description of your adapter’s particular ConnectionURL at https://upper.io/db.v2/[adapter], for instance https://upper.io/db.v3/postgresql.

Use the Open function to attempt to establish a connection

Use the adapter’s Open function to attempt to establish a connection with the database.

All adapters have an Open function that accepts a db.ConnectionURL value, like the adapter’s own ConnectionURL we created on the previous step:

sess, err := postgresql.Open(settings)

Remember to close the database when you’re no longer using it:

defer sess.Close()
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